Optima™ Fume Hoods

Optima™ Floor Mounted Fume Hood Evolving with your needs… the adaptable Optima™ fume hood allows for personalized ergonomics, changing lab processes and is designed to meet demanding safety standards. With its sleek and stylish design the Optima™ fume hood brings versatility to a whole new level. Push button height adjustable work is adjustable from 30" to 36" through a motorized electro-hydraulic mechanism, which allows for the accommodation of different procedures, types of equipment, and multiple users, making it ideal for ADA requirements. This hood also boasts an automatic self-lowering sash system, low profile hinged airfoil with a spill containment trough and chain and sprocket sash system. The Optima™ fume hood is a self-supporting structure, which allows for mobile or slide-in cabinetry beneath to be relocated from hood to hood or throughout the lab. Offered in a range of standard widths, available with a top hung frameless combination sash and a choice of interior liners; this hood is appropriate for a wide variety of applications. Suitable for use in either Constant Volume or Variable Volume applications and designed for 80-100 feet per minute face velocities.

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