Testing Facilities

Mott's on-site test facility is an essential asset used in new and custom product development and testing. All the required instrumentation is available to perform standard ASHRAE 110 performance tests as well as special exploratory testing can be conducted to meet specific customer requirements.

The room is acoustically isolated from the rest of the factory with insulated walls and doors. Phoenix control valves isolate the fume hoods from pressure fluctuations and allow for a total flow of 7000 cubic feet per minute. Supply air is provided through a filtered and baffled plenum for low velocity and noise reduction.

We welcome guests into our fume hood test facility to witness and participate hands-on. Our skilled fume hood specialist will be happy to answer all questions and to perform whatever demonstrations are requested. Chairs and a projector screen are provided for fume hood training sessions for up to 20 attendees.

While at Mott, you'll also have a chance to see a wide selection of Mott laboratory equipment in our test and demonstration laboratory and take a tour of our manufacturing facility. Please contact your local MottLAB dealer to set up a visit.