Solvent & Acid Cabinets

Acid & Solvent Cabinets

Mott has a wide variety of steel and wood solvent and acid storage cabinets to meet the safety requirements of the modern laboratory.

Acid Cabinets
Acid Cabinets are supplied with a one piece molded polyethylene liner with rigid adjustable shelf for maximum durability and long life. 3/16" thick fiberglass reinforced plastic lined cabinets are an available option. Vent kits available for connection to fume hood interior or other ventilation system.

Insulated Solvent Storage Cabinets
Insulated Solvent Storage cabinets are fabricated with a 2" insulated double wall and are approved to UL 1275, and meet National Fire Protection Association standards. The floor of the cabinet has a 2" deep liquid tight spill containment pan. Doors are mounted on continuous hinges with a three point locking self latching handle. Several upgraded options are also available including silk screened lettering and self closing latch with a fusible link.

Solvent Storage Cabinets
Uninsulated safety cabinets that meet National Fire Protection Association standards are also available.

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